Grow faster in the Emirates market

Find out how to take your startup to another business level with Prodigy4Startup

What is Prodigy4Startup

Prodigy4Startup is a mentorship program designed to help startups grow easier and faster in the Emirates market through a specific support plan.


We perform an assessment of your company’s economic potential.

Market pre-analysis

Quick company evaluation

Quick competitors evaluation

Search for tenders and funding



Business strategy to enter the market


Contacts with new clients


Business development & marketing


Innovation & technologies


Support services

Post-establishment and back office

Lead generation

Local mother tongue customer care services

Design thinking with interviews with potential customers

Product/price sales test on selected customers

Our knowledge

We are already established in the Emirates market

We know partners, incubators, accelerators and investors in the area

We have a deep knowledge of the Middle East market

About us

It’s Prodigy is a young, technological and international company. We create Next Generation Digital Solutions for medium and large enterprises. We are experts in Industry 4.0 culture, processes and technologies.

It was born as an innovative startup in the fintech field in 2017 and today it is an emergent company with technology services and synergies in 4 different areas: funding, growing, networking, innovating.

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