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Digitality is a unique and innovative product that works by carrying out a detailed analysis of the degree of digitization of a company


Luxury GPS is a device dedicated to the luxury world, is a valuable tool capable of transmitting useful information relating to shipments of clothing and footwear.


Create on-the-fly business intelligence reports based on natural language requests, and make them available in an intuitive and insightful way

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It’s Prodigy is a startup that was founded in 2017 by Sano Musab Hijazi, a visionary entrepreneur and the company’s sole stakeholder. The company initially developed in the fintech area and then moved into the big data. 

In the last two years, with surprising rapidity, It’s Prodigy has tied up partnerships with companies of the calibre of Fastweb, Vargroup, Edenred and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, taking care of their welfare management. 

The company is an Italian innovation provider and is divided internally into 3 different macro-areas: Prodigy Consulting, Prodigy 4 startups, Prodigy Products

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